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VICARKO Hair Steamer Thermal Heat Cap

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VICARKO Hair Steamer Thermal Heat Cap! 

We have a natural black hair scalp treatment solution for you for home use that comes with  

Deep Conditioning Natural Black Hair Scalp Treatment Spa 

Hot Head Care Electric for Home Use 

Animal Print 


You Deserve Beauty Wholeness! 🔥 

Beauty is not limited to the vanity. It can also be found in your handbag, luggage, and possibly even on your workstation! It's time to win your hair tool and hair care game; with a variety of styles to fit every beauty enthusiast and every budget, we offer everything you could possibly need! 

Features of Hair Steamer Thermal Heat Cap 

Let’s check features of this hair steamer thermal heat cap! 

Salon Quality Hair tools & Hair care 

It is a special deep conditioning heat cap that offers a quick and fashionable approach to get salon-quality conditioning results at home. While conditioning your hair, you can substantially enhance the effects of your hair treatment and feel good about the way you appear. 

Hair Stylists choice 

By turning on the button activates the VICARKO Hair Steamer Heat Cap, heats up within in a minute, and maintains a 45–65°C temperature range. Before putting on the hair steamer cap, you can simply apply a hair treatment to your hair and use a plastic or shower hat (optional). You can also use a screwdriver to make the heat cap suit your head exactly. 

Effective Hair Steamer Heat Cap  

The hair steamer cap heats to a temperature of 65°C at the HIGH-temperature setting and 45°C at the LOW-temperature setting, enabling you to choose the most comfortable routine for your hair type. Additionally, the heat cap distributes heat evenly and heats steadily to guarantee that the hair treatment deeply penetrates and absorbs into your scalp. 


Power: 55W 

Frequency: 50Hz 

Input voltage: US 110V 

Package Weight: 1.38lb (340g) 

Cap Depth: 5” (130mm) 

Cap Circumference: 23”-28” (600-700mm) Adjustable 

Package Dimension: 8.5" *7.5" *3” (215*195*75 mm) 

Why VICARKO Hair Steamer? 

Lifetime Warranty 

Female Owned 

Unlimited styling options 

Eco-Friendly, Socially conscious 

Over Half A Million Tools Sold 

Reduce your styling time by 60% 

🔥 Salon Recommended & Ideal For Home Use 🔥