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Polygel Complete Set with LED Lamp-3 Colors

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Polygel Complete Set: is our solution for salon-quality manicures without having to visit salon. Simple to use at home, you may get the nails you want without spending a lot of money or time. White, pink, and clear are the three colours that come with this set.

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 All you need to produce stunning salon-finish nails at home is a polygel nail extension set. The special mixture is both long-lasting and odourless. Use for up to two or three weeks!


  • As strong as nails made of dip-gel.
  • Odorless and Lightweight.
  • Easily applied
  • No more standing in a line to get a manicure.
  • A chic and gorgeous look
  • Make a variety of designs

How to use Polygel Nail Builder?

  • Choose an artificial nail tip that is the right size and form.
  • Put the base coat on.
  • Use a nail, pen, or pusher to apply the qiuck forming gel to a nail tip.
  • Level the gel in the artificial nail tip by pressing.
  • Put the false nail's tip on your natural nail.
  • Use an LED nail lamp to cure for 45–60 seconds.
  • Your nails should be shaped and polished.
  • Put on the final coat.
How to remove:
  • Put the acrylic remover on your nails. The poly gel can also be removed with a nal drill.

What is included in the set:

  • 3x Poly nail colour (White, clear, pink)
  • 1x LED Lamp
  • 1x Brush
  • 1x Box of nail tips (100 pcs)
  • 1x Slip solution
  • 1x Nail file
  • 1x Extention clip
  • 1x Base coat
  • 1x top coat