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Modern Makeup Storage Box With Drawer

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šŸ„° Modern Makeup Storage Box With DraweršŸ’Ā Ā 

A wonderful present for a birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday is this cosmetic storage box with a cover. Your wife, daughter, mother, friend, or other family members would be thrilled by the surprise. It has a beautiful and refined look, a sizable volume, and is dust- and water-resistant. You can reach the particular goods you need at any moment, and it can neatly store skincare and cosmetics of all sizes.Ā 

āœ… Features of Our Modern Makeup Storage Organizer With Drawer šŸ‘‡Ā 

ā„ Waterproof & DustproofĀ 

Top seal design, waterproof and dustproof cover to prevent dust and water stains, simple to clean for vanity table or countertop in the bedroom, bathroom, or changing room.Ā 

ā„ Simple & VersatileĀ 

For simple access, the top transparent cover may be opened in two different orientations. On this beauty organizer, which comes with accessories, you can organize your lipliners, lipsticks, foundations, brushes, concealers, and more.Ā 

ā„ Large StorageĀ 

The upper large tier is ideal for tall bottles of water emulsion, sunscreen, toner, and isolation cream. Eyebrow pencil, mask, nail polish, makeup brush, powder, jewelry, cosmetics, and more are neatly organized in one- or two-drawer cabinets.Ā 

ā„ Health & SafetyĀ 

This modern makeup storage organizer is made from top-quality, safe, and non-toxic materials. It has superior crushing resistance to damage and injury. Compared to standard acrylic jewelry boxes, makeup storage cases, and organizers, these items are thicker and more robust.Ā 

āœ… Specifications of our Makeup Storage Box šŸ‘‡Ā 

ā„ Material: PP+PETĀ 

ā„ Color: White and PinkĀ 

ā„ Large:1.55kgĀ 

ā„ Product Weight: Mediun:1.23kgĀ 

ā„ Large:36*19.5*26cm / 14.2*7.7*10.2inchĀ 

ā„ Package Included: 1*Makeup StorageĀ Ā 

ā„ Product Dimensions: Medium:31*19.5*26cm / 12.2*7.7*10.2inchĀ 

Joy is the best make-up with our make-up organizer box! šŸ„°Ā