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Mini Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Pen

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Beautiful brows on demand:
Need a cleanup but don't have time to go your brow lady? Girl, we've got you. Here is your at-home, on-the-go option for precisely maintained brows, the Mini Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Pen. Experience the ease of having a potent beauty tool at your disposal for everything from stray hairs to a full-on shape-up.
LED lights the way:
Avoid being left powerless in poor or unflattering lighting. The trimmer has an integrated LED light that enhances workstation illumination. For precise, accurate brow shaping and trimming, see the tiniest hairs up close.
Pin-point precision:
This trimmer never miss a spot while trimming stray, undesirable eyebrow hairs with our slim trimmer head.
Painless Eyebrow Trimmer – Stiylo
USB rechargeable:
Your trimmer is powered by a lithium battery that is already inside of it, and it can be recharged using the USB cord that is also supplied. Connect to devices like a laptop, portable power source, and more for convenient use whenever and wherever.
Your brow technician, on call:
Over time, you can avoid paying for expensive trips to your brow girl by learning to groom your brows at home. With just one purchase, our trimmer is a beauty powerhouse for slick, beautiful brows at any time. One electric brow trimmer, one cleansing brush, and one USB cable are included with the purchase.
A timeless gift:
Our brow trimmer pen is the ideal present for anyone who wants to learn and practise one of the foundations of a clean face and canvas, from an aspiring makeup artist to an esthetician. ABS is a material. 5.1 x 0.4 inches in size.