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Makeup Storage Organizer Box with Led Lighted Mirror

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Makeup Storage Organizer Box with Led Lighted Mirror! šŸ˜Ā 

Hello gorgeous, are you looking for a beautiful look? Want to keep all your cosmetics organized and easy to find?Ā 

For the make-up addict with a ton of beauty products to store, our makeup organizer box is the ideal option. There is no need to create mess with your makeup products. With this makeup organizer, you can keep your brushes and other cosmetics clean and in good condition. You can easily organize cosmetic items in the compartments of this organizer box. Letā€™s check its feature.Ā 

āœ… Features of our Makeup Storage Organizer Box šŸ‘‡Ā 

ā„ High Capacity:Ā This makeup organizer is the perfect solution for the makeup. You can store all of your Favorite cosmetics in this organizer thanks to its large capacity. A premium cosmetics storage box is a need for every woman.Ā 

ā„ Waterproof & Dustproof: This cosmetic storage container includes a cover to keep your accessories out of the water and dust, whether in the bathroom or bedroom.Ā 

ā„ High Quality Material: The high quality, long-lasting, and soft to the touch materials used to construct this makeup organizer.Ā 

ā„ USB Charging: This ensures that it may be used anywhere. Charge at home, at work, at school, or while traveling using a power bank, laptop, or vehicle charger. USB charging mode operation is more convenient.Ā 

ā„ LED Light Mirror: This beauty organizer box has an LED mirror, so you can apply flawless makeup even in areas with poor lighting. The mirror can be rotated vertically 360 degrees for the best viewing angle. To change the brightness, long press. A single press of the button will turn the light on, and a second touch will turn it off.Ā 

ā„ 3 Dimmable Mods: With LED lighted mirror you can click the button and switch your favorite light mode of light. Its lid is also easily to be flipped down or up.Ā 

āœ… Specifications of Makeup Storage Organizer Box šŸ‘‡Ā 

ā„ Material: PSĀ 

ā„ Color White; Pink; GreenĀ 

ā„ Product Weight: 1.79kgĀ 

ā„ Product Dimensions: 31*37.5*22cm / 12.2*14.8*8.7inchĀ 

Time to Make Peace with the Mirror Start NOW! šŸ’Ā